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A good rare African shield
Turkana regions, Kenya
Early 20th century

A good rare African shield Turkana regions Kenya Early 20th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine metal shield from the Turkana regions of Africa.

This heavy fighting shield of the early 20th century measures 84cms tall, 31cms wide at the top and just under 23cms at the waist.
These steel shield seemed to have gained popularity due to the more robust nature of the earlier hide counterparts. The metal is quite thick and would easily deflect a heavy spear or sword attack.
The hammer forged construction and its design is most interesting, one that adopts a medial ridge, re-curves and forward curves.
Stitched with wire to the back of the shield is a strong timber handle and brace that runs the full length of the shield.
The entire shield displays a very fine and undisturbed age patina.

A very good example of the type.

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