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A good heavy Moro Barong
A rare example
large Jungayan pommel
Fine old sheath

A good heavy Moro Barong Kris Kalis Sundang Kampilan A rare example large Jungayan pommel Fine old sheath www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A large and heavy Datu Barong.

This beautiful early Moro barong remains in good condition for its age. The overall length in its sheath is 64cms, out it is 62.5cms and it has a blade length of 41cms with a belly 7cms wide.
The hilt is a single piece of carved timber with the pommel carved in a simple yet elegant jungayan type and the fore grip bound in a silver sleeve.
The blade does have some minor surface issues throughout and would benefit greatly from a professional polish. Its spine is thick, the faces show a very clear bold pattern welded surface and the faces are deeply hollow forged which creates a broad bevelled cutting edge.
The sheath is not without fault but remains solid. There is a minor age crack at the throat and one of the rattan bindings is cut. it is of a rare form and displays fine dark timber grains.

A good large Moro fighting barong sword for a warrior of rank or status.

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