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Indian Nepalese
A fine bladed example
Fighting sword

Kora Indian Nepalese A fine bladed example Fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good early fighting Kora from India.

This heavy old fighting sword measures 65cms long in its scabbard. Out it is 64cms long and has a 51cm blade excluding the bolster. The hilt is of a rarer Tulwar form with its faceted and angular features to the grip section, but a type that seems to be preferred on Tulwar and Kora hilted Kukri alike so perhaps it is a more regional thing closer to Nepal. Its large discs top and bottom offer great support for the hand and wrist as well as protection in combat and are at a spacing suitable for large hands.
The blade is of a heavy and well forged type. If polished, these faces would reveal a typical high quality patterned welded surface. Its edges are sharp and the tip is re-curved. Not always seen, the tip also has bevelled cutting edges as seen in the photos, along with an unusually shaped protrusion from the spine.
To each face is am eight leaf Hindu flower motif chiselled in to the faces of the blade.
The Kora comes with an original sheath. It is in worn and split condition but is largely present. There are tooled surfaces to the leather and a recess in the timber throat for the large bolster to sit in.

A good quality North Indian and or Nepalese fighting sword of the Ghorkas.