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Cuchillos Canarios
Canary Island knife
Punal or naife

Cuchillos Canarios Canary Island knife Punal or naife www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good Canary Island naife complete with its original sheath.

This example is 30cms long in the sheath, approx 29cms out and has a blade length of 17cms .
The hilt is of multiple stacked horn disks with thin brass spacers and brass inlay to several rings. The end caps are spun brass with decorative ring features and a tall capstan like pommel.
The blade is finely forged with distal taper and a circular bolster. One face is decorated in pin punch designs.
The sheath is leather and very well crafted. the ends are reinforced and a large dome like section of leather protects the hilt and likely offers better security within a belt or sash.

A harder to find knife in complete condition.

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