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Jambiya from Hijaz, Asir
A fine Sabik Jambia

Jambiya from Hijaz Asir A fine Sabik Sabika Jambia www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine old Sabik Jambiya.

In its sheath, this large Jambiya type measures 60cms long. Out it is 59.5cms long with a blade that is 46cms long and 6.5cms wide at the base.
This very original and untouched Sabik Jambiya retains its original old belt and remains in good condition throughout.
The hilt is timber with a single brass blackstrap and dressed in finely worked low grade silver.
The blade is a very sharp but plain type, purely functional.
The sheath is dress in various grades of silver with the large medallion on the upper section displaying a red stone or glass.
Attached to the Jambiya is its original old belt, an aspect that is often lost or removed.

A very good example.