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A fine old fighting sword
Laos Daab, 19th century

A fine old fighting sword Dah Daab Dha Dahb Darb Laos 19th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine fighting sword from the Burmese Laos border regions.

This large fighting sword has a fine thick hilt with simple brass fitting to each end and a matching timber scabbard, simply bound in brass.
In its scabbard, it measures 96cms. out it is 94cms and has a blade length of 51.5cms.
The long thick diameter hilt offers perfect balance and control to the robust fighting blade.
The blade os of a simple form using distal taper for strength. Its pine is peaked from base to tip, a piercing tip of the Laos sword types.
The scabbard is timber bound with brass which remains in good condition.

A very good fighting sword

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