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A very rare keris type
Patani Anak Alang
Fine dress, minor losses

A very rare keris type Patani Pattani Malay Thailand Anak Alang Fine dress minor losses www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Patani/Pattani Anak Alang.

This rare keris type measures 46.5cms in its sheath, 34.5cms out and has a blade length of 26cms.
The hilt or Hulu is a rare Perkaka type with very prominent features.
The blade type is a very rare Patani Anak Alang.
The sheath is also fine carved timber with displays a bold pattern throughout the sampir.

A very rare keris type with losses to the hulu and sampir, an easily restorable aspect of the ensemble.

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