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Javanese Keris
good old blade
Complete with sheath

Javanese Keris good old blade Complete with sheath www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good well priced Javanese Keris.

The Keris measures 48.5cms long in its sheath, 44.5cms out and has a blade length of 34cms.
The keris overall is in good condition with the exception of a minor loss to the base, likely a result of old ritual cleanings. Currently the blade is preserved in an old European bright polish as was popular is collectors from the region.
The surfaces show a delicate pamor throughout, clearly seen in the bright polish.
The hilt is well carved and free from loss or damage.
The sheath shows a barely noticeable crack repair, likely professionally done considering the good finish.

A good well priced entry level Keris for study.

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