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Old Hindu Khanda
A fine fighting blade

Patissa Old Hindu Khanda A fine fighting blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine early Hindu Patissa.

This old Hindu Khanda measure 92cms long with a blade length of 76.5cms.
This early type hilt remains in good condition throughout and retains what is rarely seem on the type, being the lobed pommel spike and inner dome sitting within the large domed pommel.
The guard, to one side has separated slightly from the spiked quillon.
The long chiselled central langet is pinned in two places and supports a broad blade.
The blade is 4.5cms wide at the base, narrowing to 4cms through the waist of the blade at the langets, it then widens to a 5cms tip.
The blade has a pronounced medial ridge through the centre of the hollow forged fullers. These fullers then drop back in to a sharp bevelled cutting edge.

A fine old fighting sword in very good condition throughout.