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A very fine Lao Thai Daab
A quality fighting sword

A very fine Lao Thai Thailande IndoChine Daab A fine quality fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine fighting sword from the Northern Thai/Laos regions.

This Sword or Daab measures 76.5cms long in its scabbard and 73.5cms out.
Its blade length is 52cms long, 2.5cms wide at the forte and 3.2cms wide through its belly.
The hilt is solid bamboo with iron ferrules that are capped with copper ends.
The blade The very sharp blade has a flat spine which gradually changes through to a raised medial ridge at the tip. Its faces are decorated with flame designs native to Thailand regions. Its waist is narrow, its belly broad and is a well tempered and sharp fighting type.
Its scabbard is a simple rattan bound timber type which retains its original suspension baldric.

A fine and rare example of the type.