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Shuang Jian
Bagua Chinese swords
Taoist auspicious designs

Shuang Jian Bagua Chinese swords with Taoist auspicious designs www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and rare pair of Taoist Jian.

These ritual swords are 69cms long in their sheath, 68cms out and have blade lengths of 52.5cms long.
The hilts are very well carved timber types showing key relief, floral patterns and a lucky coin medallion to the centre of each. These grip are then capped with Yazi or dragon guards and large Trigram or Bagua pommels.
The blades are plain and without the typically seen seven star inlay. They are clean and in good condition.
The scabbard is a work of art. The entire timber surface is carved, carvings which show various auspicious Bagua symbols. Its fittings are of a very thick brass and are pierced throughout.

A very fine set of Jian.