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A good silver dressed sword
Military officers Daab

A good silver dressed sword Thailand Military officers Daab Dah Dha Darb spear shield sword knife dagger Siam Thai www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good large silver dressed military sword from Thailand.

This example measures 94.5cms long in its scabbard. Out is is 90cms with a 57cms long blade.
The hilt and scabbard are fully dressed in a variety of silver sheet and decorative wire work that remains unpolished, being in tarnished as found condition.
The hilt fittings are in places loose from where the underlying resins have released over the centuries, any easy fix if desired.
The blade is a pleasant deeply curving type with a thick narrow waist that broadens very slightly through the belly. The spine has a raised medial ridge that runs through to the tip.
The scabbard is silver bound timber which carries four broad additional silver sheet and wires wrappings.

A quality fighting sword that would grade up very well with little time or effort.

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