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Tibetan sword
Long sword
With scabbard
Old hairpin blade

Tibetan sword Long Chinese sword Shamshir Mongolian With scabbard Old hairpin blade spear dagger knife shamshir Bhutan www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare long sword from Tibet.

This example measures 90.5cms long in its scabbard, 86.5cms long out and has a blade length of 74cms.
The hilt is an all iron construction over a timber grip which is bound with low grade silver wire. The pommel and collar fittings are deeply chiselled with the cup guard being fluted and shaped. To the centre of the pommel is a single piece of red coral.
The blade is of classic Tibetan manufacture. There are multiple rows of hairpin return laminations throughout most its entire length with the blade ending in a hatchet tip. It shows good distal taper from the spine to the cutting edge and from the guard through to the tip.
The scabbard is iron bound with leather covered timber faces. The lower half of the scabbard is deeply chiselled in the same manner as the guard with this section encasing two repousse panels in white metal/low grade silver. Set within the larger repousse panel are three large red coral like "stones" that appear to be a dyed wood or similar.

A very rare sword type of a rare and desirable length.

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