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Chinese sword
Jian, Broadsword
Painted scabbard

Chinese sword Jian Broadsword Painted scabbard Dao Dadao spear glaive epee www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine, complete and rare example of a Jian circa 1900.

This very well balanced measures 103cms long in its scabbard, 102cms long out and has a blade length of 78cms long with consideration that the blade would be 81.5cms long as much of it sits within the open guard.
The Swords hilt is well proportioned to the swords large size and it is constructed from a rough ray skin wrapped timber hilt and well aged brass/bronze fittings that once may have been "Japanned". The large guard of cloud or bat like form has suffered a minor dent to one side through use over the last 100+ years.
The blade is largely in its original mirror finish throughout with only minor staining. It is of elliptical cross section and is clearly hand forged. It is just under 4cms across at the base and strong and tight within the grip.
The scabbard is mounted with simple patinated brass/bronze fittings that have turned a darkened copper colour and may also have once been "Japanned". The entire surface is covered in a sanded, dyed and painted ray skin that still shows a very large amount of its original painted surface.

A very good jian of large proportions and well balanced.

A rare find.

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