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Ethiopian Shotel
Fine blade
Rhino horn hilt

Ethiopian Shotel Fine blade Rhino horn hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Ethiopian Shotel of native form.

This native Ethiopian sword measures 69cms across the deeply curved blade.
The large hilt is of standard form and cut from a single piece of Rhino horn.
The deeply curved blade is set with a full tang that is peened over a large silver domed pommel, a pommel which shows and face under a crown, a crown and various other indistinct motifs.
The blade is in excellent condition and had five deep fullers running through most of the blade length.
The scabbard is very well preserved and slightly shrunken with age. It is constructed from leather and was dyed an earthy red colour.

A good example of the native Ethiopian Shotel.

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