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Cirebon Keris
A rare early example
ivory hilt
Exceptional carving

Cirebon Keris Java Malay Bugis A rare early example ivory hilt Exceptional carving www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine old Cirebon Keris.

This Keris measures 48cms long in tis sheath, 46cms out and has a blade length just over 36.5cms.
The hilt is an exceptional example of old world high quality craftsmanship. It is carved ivory with a very dark old patina. The hilt sits within a bronze two piece cup, simply decorated to its surfaces.
The blade remains razor sharp and in fine condition for its age. Its surfaces show a very finely pattern pamor throughout. The ganja is loose as is common with old Keris and it is pierced n the underside, to one side.
The sheath is original to the Keris but has a repaired break to the lower section.

Overall, a very rare and complete early keris.

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