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Philippine dagger
Large Luzon dagger
1st Republic period

Philippine dagger Luzon dagger 1st Republic period www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine heavy Luzon dagger.

This example measures 40.5cms long in its sheath, just under 38cms out and has a blade length of 24cms and is 3.5cms wide.
The hilt is a finely carved dark horn type of octagonal cross section and chevron carvings. The dagger is full partial tang which is peened through the bronze pommel. The collar and guard are also bronze and appear to be cast in one piece with the quillons turn gently back towards the grip.
The blade is heavy, double edged and of an elliptical cross section and very sturdy.
The sheath is a simple stiff leather type, stitched to the rear and finished with bronze fittings.

A fine example of a rarely seen dagger type.

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