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A fine Moro Kris
Early blade type
Rare engraved blade
Fine ivory pommel
Fine rope work grip

A fine Moro Kris Kalis Barong Barung Kampilan twistcore Early blade type Fine ivory pommel Fine rope work grip www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and rare Moro Kris.

This Moro Kris measures 59.5cms long and has a blade length of 47.5cms.
This Kris has a rare combination of features typically reserved for warriors of some social standing;
The pommel is a very fine and demure ivory type, without loss or damage, crisp features and a nice mellow caramel patina. The grip is classically bound in thick woven twine which offers a sure and comfortable grip.
The blade is quite thick and heavy for its size. Its edges are keen and its surfaces decorated with engraved floral motifs.
A deep fuller runs through the middle of the blade and tapers to a point short of the tip and clear laminated, layers patterning can be seen in the steel surfaces.
No sheath

A fine and desirable Kris.

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