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Patani Kedah Keris
Rare pamor

Patani Kedah Keris Rare blade pamor Losses to timber RARE blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare keris type with minor repairable losses to the hilt and sheath.

In its sheath, this example measures 41.5cms long. Out it is 40.5cms long and has a blade length of 32cms to the pendokok.
The Patani style hulu is carved from a stunning deep rich kemuning wood with a minor loss to the dorsal peak.
The hulu sits within a large brass pendokok with the outer edges being stylised fish eggs and the inner surfaces that join these two layers being covered with traditional engravings.
The sheath is made from carved Kemuning timber with a loss to one edge of the Sampir. The butnut, likely bone, ivory or timber is no longer present.
The blade is a robust and weighty example. Its cross section is hexagonal, typical to Bugis Keris. The blade carries a genuinely forged auspicious tuku jeram within the sor-soran, a very rare find.

Overall a rare keris type in both blade manufacture and regional dress.

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