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Spear, Northern Sumatra,
Kelling Hall collection,
board 3, number 29

Spear Northern Sumatra Kelling Hall collection board 3 number 29 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A superb high quality Spear or Javelin from the Kelling Hall collection.

Overall this piece is 147cms, has a 43cm forged iron spear head and a decorative tapered silver collar of approx 13cms.
The spear head is mounted to a section of tapering solid timber free of cracks or damages. The shaft is decorated in silver banding, with approx eight now missing over time.
Like most other spears, lances of Javelins found in the Kelling Hall collection, this piece has a point of balance approx 3cms back from the collar and again has the feel of very good flight.
The head of this example has a wonderful curves and taper and a more interesting hexagonal faceted surface between the head and the collar and shows clear differential steel patterns to the large surface.
The collar is ornate decorative silver work shaped into winding floral motifs and Naga scales. The raised edge where the head joins is shaped and incised to resemble flower petals

A high quality Spear or Javelin of Status, ceremony that has remained untouched for the last 100+ years.

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