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A very rare Podang
Solid silver hilt
Quality dress
Sumatra, Batak
status sword

A rare Piso podang Solid silver batak koro Gayo status sword alloy hilt Quality dress www.swordsantiqueweapons.com



A fine and rare silver hilted Podang, Batak status sword, Sumatra.

This rare sword measure 80cms long in its scabbard, 76cms long out and has a blade length of 63.5cms long.
The expertly cast silver hilt shows exceptionally crisp and details lines throughout and offers a very practical counter balance to the blade weight, making it a superb fighting sword that is very fast in the hand.
The blade may possibly be an European trade blade. It has a single fuller running, a rounded spine and a false edge to the tip and a good cutting edge.
The timber scabbard is of simple form. The timber is very tightly grained and without cracks or splits and it is ends are polished black horn.

A very nice and a rare status sword.