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A fine Laos sword
Quality samrit hilt
Large example

A fine Laos sword Thai Thailand Dah Dha Darb daab dhaab Quality samrit hilt Large example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Laos Daab with a very fine samrit hilt.

From an early 19th century French collection, this example measures 87cms long and carries a blade with a length of 49cms.
The hilt is a beautiful full samrit type with exceptional detail throughout. The fore grip is cast with an integral demure disc guard and an extremely detailed and robust pommel with extended spire, a dangerous aspect of the sword type, one capable of delivering a killer strike.
The blade is typical for the sword types seen in the mountainous regions between Laos and Vietnam. It's thick spine carries a medial ridge from end to end, a sharp cutting edge and the classical hatchet tip.

A good example of the type with a finely detailed hilt.

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