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A fine Sumatran Keris
Stunning ivory hilt
Quality silver dress
7 luk blade

A fine Sumatran Keris Stunning ivory hulu hilt Quality silver dress 7 luk blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice silver dressed Keris from Sumatra.

In its sheath, this example measures just under 40cms long. Out it is 36.5cms long and has a blade length of 27.5cms.
Certainly the most striking feature on this early example is the fine ivory hulu and the tall and unusual silver pendokok. The Jawa Deman hulu is very well carved and displays a very rich, glossy deep caramel patina throughout and is free from loss, cracks or damage. The pendokok is crafted from a very thick silver, shaped in to a very robust and attractive form.
The 7 luk blade shows nice large triangular pamor motifs with the body of the blade showing clear, well defined longitudinal pamor with expert control and balance throughout its surfaces.
The sampir is very finely carved from a single piece of dark native timber and it remains in fine condition throughout. Dressing the stem of the sheath is a rare full silver sleeve. Its borders both front and back are simple line and triangular motifs. Within these borders, the front face displays fine vine and leaf motifs, the rear a repeating diamond diaper pattern.

A fine, early and unusual example of a Sumatran keris with quality silver dress and a very fine hulu.

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