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A very rare Navaja
"Lady Leg" style
A fine example

A very rare Navaja Lady Leg style A fine example Seville Spanish Spain knife Punal www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good and rare example of a "Lady Leg" Navaja.

This broad bladed example measures 21.5cms long open and 16.5cms closed.
The broad clipped point blade is without decoration and retains a razor sharp cutting edge. The rare blade form, unlike most Navaja is capable of cutting with ease and also piecing with its upturned tip.
The black horn grip is capped with engraved nickel silver fittings.
The simple back strap offers a strong locking mechanism that is accentuated with the strong ergonomic grip shape.

A rare Navaja type rarely seen in today's market.

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