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A large Sewar
Fine carved horn
Fine timber selection

A fine large Sewar Stunning carved horn Fine timbers Tumbok Lada koro batak Sumatra sewar kerambit Large ivory hilt Strong blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good large Sewar, Gayo, Aceh highlands, Sumatra, 19th century fighting knife.

This fine large example of a Sumatran Sewar measures just under 40cms long in its sheath, just under 37cms out and carries a blade which is 28cms to the edge of the bolster.
The hilt is of the Kemuning wood which displays a very fine warm patina.
The long blade has an integral bolster and displays laminations to the surface akin to the Tibetan hairpin, clearly seen to the mid section of the left face.
The right face of the forte carries an old collection stick which identifies the inventory #528 followed by North Sumatra. This Sewar came from an old German collection.

The sheath is comprised of carved horn, Kemuning timber, silver bands and a bone tip. The throat section is of a very finely carved horn akin to the carved timber and horn Makara hilts of Palembang swords. it is well preserved and well executed.

A very good example of the type.

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