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Archaic style Moro Kris
Twistcore blade
Rare 7 luk blade

Archaic style Moro Kris Twistcore blade Rare 7 luk blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare 18th century Moro Kris, twist core and very rare 7 luk blade.

This archaic Moro kris measures 59.5cms long with a blade length of 46.5cms.
The hilt and pommel are a dense dark timber that show a very old and mellow patina. It retains an octagonal silver a brass collar and remains of both old and newish bound cord around its grip section.
What's notable about this Kris is the rare 7 luk count on the blade, most typically 5 luks are seen or simple straight blade types. Like many native forged 18th century Moro kris, this example is forged with a Twistcore centre and hardened outer edged that still retain a keen edge throughout its entire length.
This rare blade type does come with a partial timber sheath as pictured. It retains a woven rattan segment where the stem would have met the now missing sarong. Its timbers are a very fine and dark timber type with very clear "tiger" stripe running through its surfaces.

A good and rare 7 luk Moro Kris that will grade up with little effort.

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