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Patisthanaya, 18th century
Sinhalese spearhead
A very unusual conversion
Horn Makara hilt

Patisthanaya Pis Kaetta Kastane 18th century Sinhalese spearhead A very unusual conversion Horn Makara hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very unusual weapon or votive item from Sri Lanka.

This most unusual example of an 18th century Sinhalese Patisthanaya has been modified in to a most functional Keris like short sword.
Overall, this fine piece measures 40cms long. It is 30cms from the tip to the socket base, 23cms tip to the crossbar and has a blade length of 21cms. The cross bar is 12cms long.
The Socket faces and base of the spear head have been relieved and filled with bronze which has been expertly carved to show vine tendrils in high relief.
The socket langets and blade surfaces are decoratively engraved, deeply in places as seen in the images provided.
The green horn hilt has been formed with practicality in mind. In all manner of hand grips, including pistol grip, the form allows for a very positive and strong grip with ease of transition throughout various hand grips, a most well thought out design. Within all the practicality of the hilt form, the artisan has also incorporated the mythological Makara in to it's design and further enhanced the positive grip with applied copper and silver nails in alternative and even placing throughout. This pique style of inlay is reminiscent of 18th century European walking stick fashions of the day.

A most unusual and very good example of a Sri Lanka halberd head repurposed for practical use as a votive or melee weapon.

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