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Sulawesi Keris
A fine & early example
19th cent or earlier

Sulawesi Keris A fine & early example 19th cent or earlier www.swordsantiqueweapons.com



A very good and early example of a Sulawesi Keris with a well crafted Java trade blade.

In is sheath, this Keris measures 37.5cms long. Out is measures 35.5cms long and has a blade length of 29cms.
The hilt or Hulu as it is traditionally know is made from sperm whale tooth and displays a stunning rich deep patina throughout. Its surfaces display an extremely fine ink filled engraved surface as can be seen in the photos provided. The hulu sits atop of a very nice early two piece pendokok or hilt cup that separates the hulu and the blade.
The blade is a very good quality 9 luk blade with a high contrast pamor present. Its edges are crisp as is the pronounced medial ridge running half its length until it flattens out id to an elliptical cross section.
The Timber Sarong is well carved and without loss. Covering the stem is a nice old world Sulawesi silver pendok.

A beautiful Sulawesi Keris throughout.

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