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Deccan Tulwar
Wootz hilt, Wootz blade
Kara Khorasan
Bubris / Cintamani motifs
Tipu Sultan reign

Deccan Tulwar Mughal Shamshir Katar Wootz hilt Wootz blade Kara Khorasan Bubris  Cintamani motifs Tipu Sultan reign www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Tulwar type with a dark wootz blade and raised Bubris motifs to the hilt.

This South Indian Tulwar is without a scabbard. It measures 89cms long and carries a substantially weighted blade which is 77cms long from its base at the centre of the quillon block through to a fine and partially sharpened raised yelman.
The Gold decorated hilt is a very desirable full wootz type.
To the base of the grip, the quillon lobes, the tips on the langets and the long narrow faces of the grip, these all display gold covered raised Bubris motifs, motifs made famous by India's legendary Tipu Sultan.
Sword with these distinct motifs are extremely rare and never seen in the market place.
The blade is the very desirable dark wootz, aka Kara Khorasan. The blade is well preserved with only minor blemished. Its surfaces display a cllear wootz pattern throughout and a defined dark hardened edge.
Each face of the blade has a long thin fuller just above the half way point and above this, four evenly spaced fullers that are separated by the Cintamani "three dot" motifs.

A rare opportunity to obtain a good example of a Deccani Tulwar with desirable markings and blade quality.

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