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Bugis Keris
A rare 5 luk blade
A warriors keris

Bugis Malay Malaysia Sumatra Keris A rare 5 luk blade A warriors keris www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Bugis Keris, Kelantan, possibly Sumatra.
A warrior's fighting keris.

This fine and near complete example measures 43cm long in its sheath, 42.5cms out, with a blade length of 35cms.

The finely carved timbers display fine wood grains throughout with all surfaces showing a fine deep old lustre. The butnut is missing from the base of the seruani.
The slightly tilted hulu sits within a large decorative bronze pendokok.
The broad blade is of a near hexagonal cross section. Its edges are sharp and its blade is thick.
The blade form shows five perfectly proportioned luks with its surfaces displaying a desirable miang perak pamor.

A fine old survivor in excellent condition throughout.

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