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Beladah Belabang
aka Parang Nabur
Southern Borneo

Beladah Belabang Parang Nabur Southern Borneo Banjarmassin Negara Malaysia keris cockatoo silver sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good complete example of a rarer sub type.

This example, in it's scabbard, measures 74.5cms. Out it is 70.5cms long , with a blade length of 55.5cms long.
Where most of these Beladah Belabang carry a Kilij blade type, akin to the Ottoman Pala, the blade on this sword, is of typical from for this sub type, having a block forte, thick spine, hollow forged faces, rounded tip with sharpened back edge.
The blades finish is in the darkened Saracen manner, typical of Malaysian influence or previous ownership.
The hilt is carved horn in high polish. The form resembles that of the Cockatoo or perhaps a stylised hornbill or mythical birdlike creature. The hilt is dressed is this silver plates and rings that enhance the decorative nature of the pommel. It also carries a robust silver collar and thick knuckle guard, both practical and decorative.
The scabbard, correct for the form, is one that is also seen on the kilij blade types, indicating a localised manufacture centre. It is a simple timber inner, bound in low grade silver fittings. Both the throat and the drag show decorative motifs in a shallow repousse manner.

A good rare complete sword from southern Borneo that has been found deeper in to the Malay archipelago, including the Sultan of Sulu personal armaments.

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