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Langgai Tinggang
Borneo, 19th century
A rare sword type
Inlaid blade, nice hilt features

Langgai Tinggang Mandau Niabor parang sabre Borneo 19th century A rare sword type Strong blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete example of the type with chiselled and inlaid blade.

This example measures 75.5cms sheathed, just over 74cms out and has a blade length of 59.5cms.

One of the rarer sword types from the Island of Borneo, belonging to the Sea Dayak.
Personally, I feel these are one of the more formidable and dangerous swords of the region. They are extremely robust, very nimble in the hand, even if a little weighty and offer a devastating sweeping cut.

The hilt of this example is very finely carved with some very nice features, such as the little creature sitting atop of the pommel.
The grip is bound in plaited rattan of contrasting colours with the junction of the blade and hilt being string bound and resin covered. The loss to one face reveals this.

The blade is on fine form and thickness. Its surfaces are grooved and chiselled with native motifs, including the spine. The left face of the blade is inlaid just below the false back edge.

The scabbard appeared much newer than the sword itself but with some age. The rattan binding perhaps off its previous scabbard. The mouth of the scabbard, in the back edge, it has carved features resembling eyes.

A good example of the type.

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