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A fine Sumatran Pedang
Palembang/Jambi regions
A fine pamor blade
Silver and carved horn hilt

A fine Sumatran antique sword Klewang Pedang Palembang Jambi regions A fine pamor blade Silver and carved horn hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A beautiful Sumatran Pedang with a very fine rare pamor blade.

In its sheath it measures 75.5cms long, out it is 73cms long and has a blade length of 58cms.

The hilt is single section of carved horn that remains in good condition for its age, free of cracks but one small edge section of wear to one face. It's surfaces are carved in deep filigree relief for which the type is famous for, surfaces that display a very detailed floral motif in an abstract Makara form.
The silver grip is a chased floral and vine design with a plain silver fore-grip.
It's scabbard is classic Sumatran style, fine timbers, devoid of any designs, simply bound in silver straps and a horn mouth piece.

The blade is a rarer pamor type, pamor clearly seen within the faces and spine of the blade. It remains uncleaned and has retained a very sharp cutting edge and piercing hatchet point.

A good rarer example of the classic Sumatran Pedang.

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