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A very good Jian
China, 19th century
A crisp clean example

A very good antique Jian China 19th century A crisp clean example demon slayer epee sabre dao sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


The most crisp, clean example of the type that we have had the pleasure of handling.

This fine example of a late 19th century Jian measures 96.5cms in its scabbard, 91.5cms out, and carries a blade that is 71.5cms to the tip of the Yazi guard, or if measures to the inside of the guard opening, 74.5cms.

This Jian has been preserved in exceptional condition. The blade is the cleanest original example we have seen to date and it's dress, including the cloth bindings have been handed down through generations in exceptional condition.

The hilt does have some play in the hand, a common occurrence with these sword types, mostly due to timber shrinkage around the tang. It's mulberry cloth beneath the blue cloth binding, will like all I've encountered, display portions of inked characters if the bindings are moved aside. These characters are typically votive and prayers/words of service, incantations that have been bound in to the grip of the sword.
The pommel is a diamond shape, a known type for this sword, but seen less that the trefoil pommel shapes typically associated with the sword type. Its guard is the opened mouth Dragon Yazi, the Chinese symbol for King (Wang), engraved to its forehead.

The blade is of good tensile strength and suppleness. It's faces have a single fuller though the centre, seven star inlay and characters translating to "Kill Demons, Long Quan" to one face and the dragon chasing the flaming pearl to the reverse face.
The scabbard is of a simple wire bound timber that has been lacquered and bound with chased brass fittings, functional and practical.

A fine example of the type, well balanced, and very well preserved

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