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A good rare African sword
Takouba with rare blade type

A good rare African sword Takouba with rare blade type www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare African Takouba, western Sahel regions.

This example complete with its original scabbard measures 90cms long. The blade length is 74cms long.
The hilt is leather over tin with losses of leather to the cross guard.
The large oval pommel is steel with four stacked domes cups held in place on the peened tang.
The blade is of native construction and very unusual form.
It is approx 5cms wide at the guard and tapers for 47cms to a width of 4cms at which point it narrows to 3cms through to the rounded tip that is 2cms wide. Each side of the blade has two simple narrow fullers running near the cutting edge.
The blade is as found and unclean, still coated in an old cosmolene covering.
The leather scabbard remains in good condition throughout with wear typical with age as seen in the images. It appears to have shrunk over time. The shrinkage does not affect the storage of the blade but the blade does slightly protrude the bottom on the scabbard.

A good and rare Takouba type seldom seen and one that is in original untouched condition and well preserved.

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