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A rare Yemen sword
Yemeni Saif or Pallasch
Heavy fighting blade

A rare Yemen sword Yemeni Saif Pallasch Sabre Heavy fighting blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare Yemen fighting sword.

The length of this sword is 89.5cms from end to end.
The blade length is just under 77cms long and is 3.5cms wide.
The hilt is horn with a large bulbous pommel. The guard is nickel silver with silver wire wrapping recessed flush into the horn grip.
The blade is a strong straight type with good distal taper through the spine and from the spine to the cutting edge. The width of the blade narrows gently to 3cms wide at the hatchet type tip.

A good and rare fighting sword from the Yemen regions of Arabia.

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