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Faca De Ponta
A very fine dagger
Brazilian dagger
A prominent example

Faca De Ponta A very fine dagger Brazilian dagger punal Gaucho knife www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine example of the Brazilian Faca De Ponta.

In its sheath this dagger is 46cms long. Out it is 45cms long and has a blade length of 33cm.
The entire dagger and sheath is very finely crafted. The hilt is a combination of finely decorated brass ends and stacked brass, bone and horn spacers. The globe pommel also has bone and horn between the hemispheres and is capped in a shaped and pierced finial.
The blade has integral steel bolsters and the thick spine at the base. This base is carved and shaped and bound in three decorated brass collars. To the right side is a long tree like motif whilst the left face has a shorter example of the design.
The blade slim blade is long, sharp and with a full and dangerous needle tip.
The leather scabbard is of traditional form but is decorated with shaped inserted leather and brass rings.

A very fine example of a rarely seen South American knife.

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