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Moro sword, Barong
Pattern welded blade
With scabbard

Moro sword Barong Pattern welded blade With scabbard www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good solid old fighting sword, Moro tribes Philippines.

This Barong measures 59cms long in its sheath, 57cms out and has a blade length of 41cms.
Its Bunti wood hilt is of simple well carved form which stands approx 8cms proud of the 8cms long faceted silver collar.
The broad leaf shaped blade retains a razor sharp cutting edge almost its entire length. Its tip is full and the faces are lightly hollow forged, faces which display clear high contrast pattern welded surfaces.
This barong retains its original sheath. The sheath is of two sections of timber with the out face displaying native tribal motifs.

A good and very dangerous fighting sword.

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