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A British Cavalry lance
Queens Royal lancers
20th century
A very fine example

A British Cavalry lance Life guards Queens Royal lancers 20th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An outstanding example of a British Cavalry lance.

This lance measures 276cms long. Its triangular spear tip measures 31cms long, the butt spike measures 17cms long.
The shaft is made from a solid and specially selected bamboo that was imported for the manufacture of these lances, a bamboo that does not split or distort with age.
93cms below the socket of the spear head is attached, a buff leather wrist strap with a 75cm long loop.
48cms above the butt spike socket is a 47cms long section of stitched blade leather, being under arm bracing.

A very fine example of a regimental cavalry lance, free from loss or damage.

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