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Tiger bone Kangling
Very fine and rare
Buddhist ritual trumpet
Very rare type

Tiger bone Kangling Very fine and rare Buddhist ritual trumpet<br>Very rare type www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare, powerful and Auspicious antique Kangling made from a Tiger Femur bone.

The large knuckle end is covered in old stitched leather and bound with a chased silver strip through the middles of the knuckle. This strap is mounted with red coral.
The bone section is mounted at each end with similar chased silver fittings, also set with coral and fine pieces of natural turquoise.
The mouth piece is a pentagonal shape, likely representing the five elements and an aspect further enhancing the auspicious and spiritual nature of this Kangling.
The Kangling is a unique musical instrument that is used in Tantric Buddhist Rituals and would customarily be part of a Buddhist ritual kit.

A very rare and complete piece of genuine Tibetan antiquity. It is now almost impossible to source genuine old pieces. This is a very playable authentic ritual instrument

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