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Klewang, Sumatra, 19th century
A fine small 30cm example
Likely used as formal attire

Klewang, Sumatra, 19th century<br>A fine small 30cm example<br>Likely used for Betel Nut ceremony www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A small ceremonial sized Klewang, Sumatra, 19th century.

This example measures 32cms long and carries and 23cm blade as measured across the length of the spine.

The form is that of known Klewang from Sumatra, although it is not the more typical 50-55cms long example.
Being a smaller size, I am uncertain of its exact intended use. It seems bigger than one would expect for Betel nut use as knives used for these purposes are typically under 25cms long. It is probable, that like the Keris Selit for formal dress, such a piece was made for dress whilst seated as it is a size that fits the scope of formal gentlemanly attire.

Like the larger examples of the type, this is proportionally the same, with the same ergonomics and inner cutting edge. The spine is also inlaid with silver through to the tip as others are.

The dark stained blade does also show the same hairpin forging "pamor" as the larger examples exhibit.

The silver hilt is in excellent condition throughout. the pommel cap insert has a light gold hue to the surface, indicating a composite suasa like alloy, which also points to being used in finer formal attire.

A very rare example, only the second I have seen of this size.

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