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Salawar, Khyber knife
Very rare all steel type
A fine recurved blade
Pierced steel fittings
Northern India
Bukhara Central Asia

Salawar Khyber knife Very rare all steel type A fine recurved blade Pierced steel fittings Bukhara Central Asia www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare all steel Salawar with a fine deep re-curved blade.

Based on the dress, pommel and several key points below, this is likely Bukhara made, though possiblely Through to North Indian/Afghanistan border redions. It is a very rare, all steel example comes complete with its original scabbard and fittings.
The very finely shaped grip slabs, the bolsters, grip strap, pommel ends and scabbard fittings are all very well crafted steel.
The subtle carving to the underside of the grip, the unusual pommel profile, re-curved blade, protruding tang through the pommel all point to Bukhara through to as does the pierced steel fittings that are seen from this region across in to Northern Indian/Afghanistan borders. Fittings that are know in silver on Bukhara Kards and larger similar silver fittings on a very fine Sosun Patah currently in stock.
The blade is of a T-section cross section and in profile has a very rare and pleasing forward curve and a deep re-curve. Its edge remains sharp and the needle tip is full.
It is interesting to note that the the re-cuved end, again curves forward at the last 4cms.
The left blade face shows a very distinct pattern welded surface whilst the right side remains free from a patterne surface.
The scabbard timbers are solid but worn through the spine area. The steel fittings are healthy and the rare ball finial is complete and intact.

A extremely rare type of Khyber knife / Salawar from minority region of Central Asia.

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