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Indian sword
Sosun Pattah

Indian sword Sosun Pattah Sailaba Tulwar Talwat Shamshir Pala Kilij Kilig www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare 18th century Indian sword, Sosun Pattah of classic elegant form.

This example measures 82cms long and has a blade length of 70cms being measured from the tip to the base of the blade under the langet.
The Tulwar hilt is absent of any decoration and retains a dark old age patina throughout its surfaces.
The blade, in profile measures 3cms wide at the base, 2.5cms through the waist and 3.5cms at the belly. It has a large forward curve and a recurved tip. Its thick "T" spine is pronounced throughout its full length whilst showing a clear distal taper.
Its cutting edge shows the traditional crisp bevelled cutting edge and a clear hardened edge is visible through the patina as are hints of watered/Wootz steel or pattern welded steel surface, of which the later is rarely seen.

A fine and rare fighting sword that would grade up very well with little effort.

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