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Borneo, Melanau Sadap
A extremelly rare weapon
Complete with scabbard

Borneo Melanau Sadap A extremelly rare weapon Complete with scabbard www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An extremely rare sword from Northern Borneo, considered to be one of the most elusive swords from the region.

This Sadap measures 74.5cms long in its scabbard. Out it measures 71.5cms long with a blade length of 58cms including its thick octagonal base.
The handle carved from a thick single piece of bone and decorated to its surfaces in writhing floral and vines motifs. The pommel is 3cms thick with a gentle taper to the long silver collar.
The silver collar is decorated in the repousse manner. Its designs are both floral and geometric to all surface areas.
The root of the blade is 2.5cms think and of a faceted octagonal nature that tapers to a distinct bend in the blade. it is from this bend that the spine remains straight while the cutting edge curves through to a 6cms wide tip.
The Octagonal root is vey well chiseled and carved. There are aspects that mimic twist wire and other flutes and channels that appear as a pillar being grown from an opening flower bud.
The blades back edge or spine is faceted at the bend and flattens and narrows as it reaches the tip. Each side has fullers below the spines edge and the cutting edge is razor sharp.
The unusual tip has a miniature Kampilan type protrusion to the end.
The scabbard is a rarity is itself. It is of a very dark brown timber and is bound in equally dark rattan bindings. Lashed to the upper portion is a suspension baldric covered in red cloth.

A very rare and exceptional find in such complete condition.

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