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A very rare blade
Moro Barong / Barung
Twist core blade
Provenance from 1898

A very rare blade Moro Barong Barung kris Kampilan Twist core blade Provenance from 1898 Sulu www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An extremely rare twist core Moro barong blade.

Amongst the finest Moro swords are those carrying twist core blade, amongst these twist core blades, the rarest and most coveted are the barong blade, they are simple just not found in the market place.
For viewing here is one such blade, that of a twist core barong.
The blade itself is not a large blade in the world of barong blade but certainly is a quality example.
The blade comes with provenance, being captured in 1898 from "pirate", pirates not doubt being the raiders of the Sulu archipeligo.
The pommel is missing from the blade, possibly lost during the capture of the blade. What remains is a silver collar bound with rattan to both ends and the actual blade.
The blade is hollow forged. Within the centre of the blade is a triple row of twist core steel arranged in a leaf shape pattern, a pattern mimicking the famous barong shape.

A very rare blade with history attached. A blade for display as is or remounting in fine Datu dress.

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