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Wootz Shamshir
Syrian or Iraqi

Wootz Shamshir Syrian or Iraqi www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An interesting Middle Eastern Wootz Shamshir.

Measured in a straight line, this sabre measures 90.5cms long. Its blade is 77cms long from its tip to the centre of the quillon block.
The hilt appears to be a stripped down Syrian hilt, carved to a simple hooked pommel. It retains a early simple iron quillon blade that appears to have been reduced in thickness as the outline of engraved cartouche can be seen clearly to one face.
The blade is Wootz. It has an 18cm long false back edge and the tiniest of gold remains from an engraved cartouche. The blade would benefit from a proper polish as there inconstancies in its width in places and small bends.

A very well priced Wootz blade, one for an entry level collector or someone who wishes to refurbish the blade in to traditional dress.

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