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Chinese sabre
Military sabre
A good fighting sword

Chinese sabre Military sabre A good fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete Chinese military sabre.

This sword measures 85cms long in its scabbard, is 82cms out and carries a blade just under 66cms long.
The hilt is of rectangular cross section with a flared bronze pommel. It retains its original coth grip wrap over faded mulberry paper. The cup guard is of a very thick cross section.
The blade sweeps up from the forte whilst the hilt's cant follows the same graceful curve is the opposite direction. The faces are each double fullered below the spine and show good distal taper through to the tip and the cutting edge.
The scabbard is bound in ray skin which is free from loss. It is dressed in simple bronze fittings of the same rectangular form seen through the hilt.

A good sabre that would grade up very well with polished bronze surfaces and a little attention to the blades surfaces.

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