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Malay Sundang
Very rare blade type
Handle reversed
Early EU trade blade

Malay Sundang Kris Keris Very rare blade type early EU European trade blade Handle reversed www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A Malaysian Sundang.

This Sundang is a very interesting study piece. It is 64.5cms long with a 53cms long blade. The blade is construction from both traditional methods being the very strong featured base regions and it was then forge welded to an old European trade blade of the type typically seen on African Takouba and Kaskara.
The old horn hilt has through error over the years been placed on to this sword back to front, no doubt by an European collector not versed in the manner of Keris and Sundang. I have left this as is for the collector to decide what is best but by request, I am happy to reverse the hilt to as it should be.
The blade is free from rust, pitting or damage.

An interesting restoration project, one that supports just how far the trade of this blade type were seen.

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