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Chinese swords
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Fighting swords

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A very good pair of Chinese fighting swords, Hudiedao.

This pair each measure 57cms long with a blade length of 46cms.
The hilts are Rosewood with flat backs and a perfectly incised deep vertical relief to the front. These grips are bound in darkened brass collars to each end and sit tightly around the tangs.
The tapered iron guards offer very safe knuckle protection while the deep quillons offer both a practical blade catcher and offer plenty of room for a thumb to be hooked in for forearm defence.
The thick heavy forged blades remain uncleaned but will grade up very well if polished to reveal pattern welded surfaces. They are 1cm thick at the base with the spine remaining flat for half the length of the blade when they then have a domed spine through to the tips.

A very good pair of fighting swords at a great price.

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