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A rara Java Keris
Banjarmasin hilt
old 3 luk blade

Java Keris Banjarmasin hilt old 3 luk blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An unusual and rare Java Keris.

This keris measures 46.5cms long in its sheath, 36cms out and has a blade length of 26cms.
The hilt is a Javanese pattern made in Banjarmasin, possibly for export or for a Javanese national in Kalimantan.
The hilt gilt with glass or quartz pastes and remains in fine condition throughout.
The blade is a 3 luk type, of a demure form with surfaces that show a high contrast pamor that can be easily seen under the untouched patina.
The sheath has been selected from finely grained timber and is dressed in a repousse and gilt pendok that displays unusual design motifs and a double headed Naga

A fine and unusual keris.

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